By the time this post is auto-posted in my twitter feeds, it’s no longer 12:21. Haha. But that time’s special to me for no apparent reason.

Before trying to spare my thoughts, I’d first want to say: I really really hope everyone’s doing fine. Well, you most likely are, given that you’re still reading this HAHA.

So. How to begin?

I am soooo tired of trying to argue, reason out, and defend myself from all those things you’re saying. I mean, if you’re that one great friend you’re trying to be, at the very least, you should be keeping an open mind regarding all these things. Sure, you’re such a ‘great’ friend. But guess what, trying to please everyone won’t work. Siiiiiiiigh.

I’m really sorry for not talking to you.

Sorry because I have no intentions of talking to you.

And sorry because I have no intentions of fixing things.

At all.


“Let the chips fall where they may.”

Rain’s getting scary again. Hope everyone’s okay!