And your point is?

I know you are entitled to your own opinion. I’m not saying you’re wrong but I do believe you should think about the entire thing first before you make a “stand”. I also understand that the number of likes garnered by your facebook status means that a lot of people are thinking of the same thing. But here’s my opinion:

You were talking about how the Chancellor can’t seem to afford to suspend classes for the entire day because, as you said, according to the memorandum, it demands additional expenses and whatsoever. You were saying that he’s opting to save the university’s money at the expense of the safety of the students. And you ended your status with “Talk about stoicism folks.” You even posted a link of the memorandum, right?

Well let’s see. According to the memorandum, “Suspensions increase the neccessity of holding make-up classes or the likelihood of extending the semester. Either entails additional cost to UP Dilimaln and its stakekholders.” As much as I appreciate your point, I do believe that the “additional cost” did not solely refer to monetary cost. Moreover, if you think he’s sacrificing the safety of the students, maybe you should read the third paragraph?

Bro, I know how outspoken you are and it’s appreciated. But sometimes you just speak and speak and speak and not use your brain. Which is annoying. Given that you’re from CMC. HAHAHAHA. I shouldn’t make a big deal out of it but heeeey, “Brains are like parachutes. They only function when open.” :)