^THAT WAS SO FULFILLING. I mean seriously. Being able to tell myself I’ll chill tonight is such a wonderful thing. ♥ Hahaha.

I know I should be using this time to sleep early but you see, it’s just so enjoyable going online and not being stressed by anything work-related. (To be fair, “stressed” was too strong for a word seeing that making videos do not really “stress” me out. It just drains all my energy. Lack of sleep =! stress)

I have loooooooots to do. It would do me no good to write them down but I would since I need to make sure I remember everything I’m supposed to do HAHAHA. So. I have to study for Econ 102 and 101, and Acctg 1. I have to do Math homework. I have to prepare shiz for Geog 1 reporting. And then the long list of org-related work. I’d probably start studying tomorrow since I was so “patapon” this week. Now, I have a lot of catching-up to do.

Meeh. I intended to post something else but 1) I’m getting sleepy already and 2) I don’t know how to talk about that topic in a very vague and subtle manner. So never mind. I do not wish to spend another entry for you. Though I do hope you enjoyed your day. HIHI. Stop being awkward ajksdlhfhd.

Okay, enough. :))