Keep calm and……..


I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things.

– The Fault in Our Stars

If by some miracle you’ve opened the link, please don’t mind telling me your thoughts. I don’t need it in all honesty. I’d really appreciate if you keep it as it is — unknown. I just need to type it out even though I’m 100% sure that the person I wrote that for would not be able to read it anyway. I just need to get my self together and release all those negativity. Sometimes, no matter how amazing saying the truth is, we tend to keep it to ourselves, hoping that somehow, they’d find it out themselves and at the very least, we caused them no pain.

Breathe, Gab. You still have at most two minutes to work on.

It’s never been a good idea, working “creatively” when you’re down. You should know.