The aftermath

I AM HIGH LIKE FUCK WOOHOO. I’m just laughing at everything I’m supposed to be seriously getting affected with. Eeeeeh. What can we do. This is me trying not to care. This is me trying to be indifferent with something “bad” that’s floating right in front of my face. Just like me being indifferent with the amount of things I haven’t finished. Hahaha shit, trying to relate it to procrastination now. Okaaaaaaaay, this is getting nowhere.

Kidding aside, but waaaaaah, I’m just so high I can’t take things seriously. HAHAHAHAHA. It’s like, I’ve tried to accept that ever since the idea came to me. Soooooooo, even if you have no idea (or maybe you do already), I’d give all that effort I still have, all that patience, and I’ll understand you. Even if you’re so fucked up and insensitive. HAHAHA. Kidding :)

It’s such a bad thing for me to get high since moments after, it’d all go down, crashing, showing me how I should just give it up. Hopeless. HAHA. But well, “take the pain out of love and then love won’t exist.” :) I am such a weirdo for still being like this. Despite all the shit you put me through. HAHAHA.

I SWEAR, I’M NOT DRUNK. This is just me trying to cope with my messy messy life. :)


PS: Please don’t try to understand everything I said. Again, this is my outlet. HAHAHA.

PPS: This prolly started because she said you’re my ex and I was like, dafuq was that. =))) (that’s the getting high part). Oh, I was referring to three different people, all those “you” =))) HAHAHA


I should start preparing for the getting so down part of this. HAHA.