Just when you wanted to release all the negativity, you’d get stranded on a thought. Just when you thought you’re done dealing with it, you’d realize that you could never really be because he glares at you every single time he sees you, he avoids you, he tries to forget you but by doing so you are both reminded that you’ve known each other, that you have to forget.

You regret everything. From the moment he asked you about your life, to talks that lead to nowhere, conversations you’d have just because you enjoy each other’s company. You start to regret everything. But most of all, you’d regret that one person who gave you the idea, who made the idea your reality, and then ruined everything for you in the end. (See, this is why I can relate so much to Inception).

You want to type away all those thoughts but you can’t because you’re trying to forget. But of course, like always, you fail.

Feelings, feelings, go away. Fucked up children wants to play.


This is so not helping me. HAHAHA.

I need to talk this out but I won’t because I believe on high saturations. LALALALALA.

Drown in the music, I should.