On high saturation.

*This is supposedly a continuation of the previous entry but again, I hate writing entries which are way too long (for me to write in one go, and for you to read and digest in one go).

This is me speaking in general. If ever you find yourself (unfortunately) in the same situation….HAHAHA, do not demand any explanation from me. HAHAHAHAHA. You read this and that wasn’t my fault, yes?

If you have known better, you’ve stopped telling me every single detail of your life. Even if we’re extremely close friends, you should know that I’m not your freaking diary who’d enjoy knowing what on earth your crush (who is a big time douchebag) was eating for lunch or what the heck you bought today.Good God, I can’t take that much unnecessary information every single day. Even if I love you to bits, I just can’t listen to ALL your stories. I’d get tired and you’d hate me for not paying attention and being rude. So my resolution is to be cold so that you’d stay away and be careful with words you tell me. It worked. Apparently, not for all.

Some people could just not understand the fact that I have this saturation point (well, everybody has, it’s just that I easily get sick of everyday stories. It would have been okay if they were different. Let’s say we have a decent conversation about what is happening in Greece today, and tomorrow about your love life, and the next day about our friends. But Jesus, I can’t take one single story my entire life. And mind you, I don’t even get to converse because everyone knows I don’t have the best remarks). So what they do is, they tell you more but since you aren’t rude enough to tell them “Dude, shut the fuck up” or to simply not respond, you’d have to HEAR all those thoughts. It’s extremely sickening.

And as I was typing this, I had an epiphany (HAHAHHAHA). It’s this theory which just fits your uhm *insertadjectivehere* behavior. Your being clingy is a product of this event which we all know was your fault. One word and it ruined everything. And I should stop writing because I said I’d move on and all. Hahaha.