Of sunny days, high saturation, and a liter of water. (Part 3) (But mostly on high saturation)

This is such an overdue post. But never mind, I’m pretty sure what I’ll be babbling still holds true. HAHA.

After all the jazz of summer classes, I finally got the chance to abuse my internet and laptop. That is, I was done with all my paper requirements, trying to understand French terms and how conjugations work, and trying to learn how to do this and that judo throw. I wasn’t, however, completely free to do whatever I like. I still had deadlines, layouts and templates to work on, designs to finish, and (now) a website to create.

(Side story coming up!) I’ve always been fond of photo-editing and illustrations. When I was a kid, I used to play with MS Paint and create those warped checkered stuffs (it’s difficult to explain and it would be quite embarrassing to post a 7-year old work here). A few years after, I started recreating the illustrations I found in books (still using the undying Paint). Photoshop then came to existence (in my world, that is) and I tried playing on with those default brushes. I was using PS 7 back then!! HAHA. So there, high school came, I tried to explore the software and voila! I played with the software making wallpapers and what have you. And then college came and the necessity to force yourself to make a video without any idea how to (because Movie Maker wouldn’t suffice now). And then Adobe should be happy I’m using almost every CS product they have. HAHA.

So there. I’m spending the last hours of my summer vacation doing all these Creatives-related work. Admittedly, I sometimes question myself why I signed up for this job knowing what hassle my academics would be giving me. I realized (just earlier, actually) that I signed up because I signed up. It was an impulsive decision. Mind you, this isn’t the first. However, this is the type of decision you can’t take back. And so I resolved to do the work and be happy with the result even if my work doesn’t seem this striking or that impressive. Despite the fact that I deprive myself from sleep, I DIDN’T QUIT.

(Brace yourself for the rants)

I had my moments, thinking “Shoot, I should be sleeping instead of working” and so were the same thoughts my parents and siblings voiced out. But whatever, I made the decision so I stuck to it.

I shouldn’t blame you for having second thoughts, for lacking the drive, for being disappointed, for not wanting to work. I shouldn’t. That is if I knew that the very reason why is I’m a fucked up leader who can’t really boss around no matter how bitchy I am so I end up doing all the work. No, of course not. The reason was because you had your personal issues. What happened to the person who was so eager to learn?

You have issues just like everyone else. The difference is, those problems of yours shouldn’t be problems on the first place. They’re just interpretations you had. (Let me use the most sucky opening statement of a reply speech some guys used during this international tournament:) You live in a world that’s black and white. (It was sucky cause they followed it with “and as for us, we live in a rainbow” Lol.) I wouldn’t have cared but what was annoying was the fact that you demanded an explanation for every single word. What made it worse was you trying to make it up. Do yourself a favor, give some space.