Disenchanted (wordspill)

Forgive the flood of posts (but hey brainwave coming). (AND I THOUGHT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AMNESIA TODAY, BRAINWAVE TOMORROW. HAHAHAHA. Seems like it SHOULD be the other way around. Haha.)

And I can’t describe my emotions anyway else but by that word.

Ages ago, I had the same feeling of lacking the drive to pursue this thing which I loved most. (HAHA. And see, now I give myself reasons, which are valid enough might I add, on why I decided to give that up) I spent three years of my life speaking, thinking, enjoying the company of people who had the same line of thoughts (and by that, I meant the level. Jesus, no one would emerge winner if there was no negation HAHA). I had reasons, however on why I felt so.

But now, I don’t. Or at least, I refuse to think it still.

For the first one, I might though. HAHA. But it all depends on you. (which is very disempowering given that I have to rely such drive on someone else but really, you are one factor. Hahaha. Oh god, you would never know, of course. Because if you’re thinking it’s you, I should say, you’re assuming :) ) For the second however, I just don’t find the will. It’s like I’m just hoping it’d end up okay without me (well, us rather) having to go through that process of confrontation. (And here’s a fun which isn’t fun at all fact for you! I hate — wait let me emphasize that, HATE confrontations not unless I really have something to tell you. I hate confrontations when I’m the one confronted. Yeah, yeah, hypocrite me. Yadayadayada I’ve heard enough.

Then again, they always tell: when you start to regret, think of those reasons why you wanted it on the first place. (I’m not regretting, I’m just lacking that drive but nevertheless, the statement still holds true.)


Btw, search what wordspill is so you’d get why and what. Lol. Though I always skip the last last step. Haha. (Obviously)