Brain’s about to explode

The fact that you have no access to the other person’s thoughts sucks big time at moments like this. Just when you badly want to know what exactly s/he’s thinking but you won’t dare ask because you’re not sure if the answer you have in your head is the same as his/hers. You just can’t risk to ask. You wouldn’t want to make a fool of yourself anyway. You’d just have to deal with all the crap and overthink.

Or let me set you another scenario:

You have all these words in your head which you really want to say. But you hold them back. We all have our reasons. Might be because it’s inappropriate, offensive, or maybe we just aren’t prepared for whatever response. Perhaps the reason could also be we just think it’d hurt someone so we might as well just shut up. We hold back those words we slept late for, thinking and overthinking again and again. We hold them back because we couldn’t risk it. We won’t dare say a word even if we badly know we’re right, we have a point, we have a good strong argument, a solid case. We won’t dare say a word even if we’ve already pre-empted the other’s arguments. We just wouldn’t.

It’s a fucked up life we’re living in, isn’t it? We hold back thoughts we comprehensively processed in our mind thinking that no matter what, they just wouldn’t understand. And we live in doubt and curiosity forever. Not unless you got that silver tongue and braved to speak your mind.

Rants rants rants.

*see, I don’t even want to start overthinking and building up thoughts I wouldn’t say anyway. SIGH.