Of sunny days, high saturation, and a liter of water. (Part 1)

I owe this entry to no particular person. But still. HAHA. I felt bad for not writing this.

I. French and all that nasality and words whose pronunciation,  you’d have to guess.

C’est quoi (ce) l’amour?

Forgive me for forgetting my French 10 lessons on how to ask questions for a very short time. Regardless, whether or not there’s ‘ce’ in the sentence, I do believe you get the question. My professor asked us questions during our five minute break — from “quel est votre livre favori?” to “quelle est votre cuisine favori?” to that. What is freaking love. (Freaking, by the way, is not in that question in French. I just used the word to emphasize.)

“L’amour est merde.” That was the joke. That was supposedly the answer to the question. Supposedly. However, during the short time between saying love is shit and thinking of something else to answer, I remembered this thing my sister told me: a lot of people define love negatively, then when they fall, they don’t really realize that they have those negative connotations that when things get rough, those definitions would come out easily, they’d believe the negativity of it all, and then would hate being in love and make the excuse of its inevitability on why they fall. (Before we move on to the next thought, you should know that 1) those aren’t my sister’s exact words and 2) the last of it of course, were my thoughts while she was saying those. But since I can’t insert them properly, I had to make the sentence a run-on, which 3) my sister will never do) So instead of answering the half-meant, half-joke love-is-shit answer, I voiced out:

Defining love is for suckers.

And then our professor gave us a life lesson (which isn’t really new to me since I share the same thoughts but nevertheless, I think it was brilliant). He said something like this:

Never ever restrict yourself to one idea. Let’s say, for example, you failed a test and you’ll say you’re stupid and all. It sticks to your head. So don’t say it. Don’t define yourself. You are who you are. More than that, you don’t let others define you.

And that, the last part, is what I have been trying to do for the past years of my existence. Honestly, it annoys me. Wait no, it aggravates me having those people (who doesn’t even fully know you for crying out loud) classify you as this and that. Bullshit, if you’re going to judge, might as well judge the physical rather than the intangible. (And yes, I know judging is bad but let’s concede, it’s inevitable) And let me give you an advise when you judge: never ever associate something relating to the person’s genesis. (For example, you’ll say “that person’s ugly. Maybe her parents can’t afford to give her this and that and that’s why she’s so stressed with life and looks like hell.” It’d be loads better, even if it’s offensive, to say “that person looks like a frog.” And this is such a mean example, good god.)

* * *

Basically, taking French 10 was fun. You learn French, life lessons, and tips on where to eat and so much more.

PS: Chili choco from Gelatissimo was really good. Especially with the nutella. HAHAHA

And so, as a contribution to mankind (lolwhut), here’s my review of French 10.

Subject: French 10

Instructor: Sir C.A.N (I refuse to put his full name because he refused to tell us so I guess, he doesn’t really want people to know. Also, profs in French 10 (this is in UP, btw) is always concealed so it’d be useless.)

My professor was great. The course itself was helpful since we got to learn basic sentence construction (or maybe it was just because our prof taught stuffs that are supposed to be for French 11 HAHAHA). And also, we get to know basic pronunciation so I can, technically, read French properly even if I can’t fully understand them. If your grade conscious, well, you could still take it. You just have to study. He gives exemptions!! Haha. So yes, I recommend this elective. Too bad for you, he’s not teaching for next year. Lolololol.

*Forgive the sabawness of this post. Chocolate ice cream makes me high. HAHAHHAHAHAHHA.

* * *

I was supposed to write everything that happened this summer but this would be too long so I’d cut it in parts. :)