Misplaced Priorities

(Random background story which is completely unnecessary but you could read this for fun…Or not: I’m not perfectly sure if I got the terms right but I remember that it was used by my Philo 10 classmate during a discussion on Immanuel Kant. Or maybe I’m inventing the last part but yeah, I remembered hearing that during Philo and my professor liked the term. Okay, this is not making sense HAHAHA)

My mom told me once that I should write first or read books if I can’t find enough driving force to write. And so from now on, this would be my excuse why I always blog when I have a long paper to write. HAHAHA.

I just don’t want to think. At the moment, headache’s dominating and I can’t just force myself to write a literary analysis of John Green’s amazing book. But ugh, it’s due on the 24th and so I should finish it now.