Brain Food

Since my dad’s not yet around (he’s supposed to pick us up), I decided to write.

It is just so freaking frustrating how I stopped being socially-aware. Seriously, I stopped watching news (whether it be local or not), I haven’t read The Economist, or Time, or Newsweek for like years, and I stopped opening or for updates. (See how I’ve memorized those urls?) It’s just that oh lord, it’s not interesting me anymore. I need food for the brain but my brain won’t eat it. Okay, I’m making weird analogies. But you get the point. To be fair, I TRY. Like before writing this, I opened the same old websites I used to spend time to understand and make matter primers of but waaah. They don’t interest me at all. Or maybe I’m just too lazy to ponder on things like that, make arguments in my head, and try to refute each one. Maybe, or maybe not. So, no matter how late of a new year’s resolution this might be, I swear, I’ll start reading news articles even if they bore me. And to make sure I’d keep this promise, I’d blog about it just like how I used to prep for an IR motion. Whatever, guilt would eat me if I won’t do this.

But okay, my defense:

I still can think. I mean, yeah everyone thinks but not the sort of the debate mind (being elitistic sorry) but you get the point (or not). For example, in our discussion of Snow, Glass, Apples (?) by Neil Gaiman (HEY I WAS PARTLY AWAKE AND I LISTENED OKAY), my professor talked about the White Anglo-Saxon Perspective (WASP) and how Disney bastardized the classics. I was thinking, was Disney committing a “crime” (not the legit crime you get imprisoned for but that crime unforgivable to literature connoisseurs) by “sanitizing” these stories? Or am I again speaking without doing my research? :))

And then we went on (a different day, I think) allowing transgenders to compete in beauty pageants. He said that the argument of the trannies were for them not to be discriminated but then he argued how beauty pageant per se constitutes discrimination. And here are my thoughts:

As far as I know (and trust me, I did my research before writing this), such pageants ensured that it would not be a stereotypical contest. Beauty is not the sole criteria to win this contest. “Beauty” was simply associated to the contest (and this is my personal opinion) because those who joined the said pageant are physically beautiful. But more than that, the nature of beauty pageants is not to filter who’s gorgeous and who isn’t. First and foremost, who sets the standards? But second, beauty isn’t all physical. They just have it associated with self-esteem and so on. Going back to my point, the existence of beauty pageants is not to be questioned. Why? Because it exists for a purpose and I do believe people aren’t stupid enough to waste money on something that does not contribute anything to humanity. Sure, flaws are everywhere, however this would be a different issue. The thing we should answer is, should we celebrate having allowed transgenders to compete on such pageants? In a nutshell, I’d give a simple no. 

Aaaaaand my dad’s here so the analysis of the premise would come depending on my time. :)) and I seriously think I should start reading The Lottery before writing about my English 11 experience :))