Wrong move. Now how do I make it right?


And by now, you should understand why I’m about to write things no one really give a shit about.

Again, I’m supposed to be studying French or reading Marxism and Literature or whatnot. Given that I’m not doing anything school-related right now, I feel so unproductive. But okay, let’s give my thoughts a chance.

I was on twitter when people started tweeting about AJ Perez (who died exactly a year ago). I noticed the date and thought with a laugh: “Wow, we were still together that time, I never noticed.” (PERSON, BE GLAD, YOU’RE IN MY BLOGS ONCE MORE) So I was strolling (strolling, right. more like stalking) blogs and ended up on a familiar account. It was mine! But it wasn’t. Get this:

The words were mine. But not exactly.

The thoughts were mine. But not fully.

Arguments? Mine as well. But I should give you credit.

You took everything.


A writer (whose name I forgot) once said, we always commit plagiarism, not explicitly and intentionally, but we do. Others’ work affect our thoughts. More often than not, the way one writes would end up similar to yours just because you felt like he wrote like a smart ass, I wanna sound like him. (DO NOT DENY THE STUPID THOUGHTS, OKAY) It’s cool, totally. YOU think YOU sound cool. But ugh, you have your own thoughts. Don’t simply restate what was stated. Or if you want to do that, maybe you want to do it properly. State it the right way. Or perhaps, you just I don’t know, maybe talk to me and say, hey, we have the same idea! I would have loved that instead of the many excuses you’d come up with.

You are so annoying like a flirt getting annoyed with flirts. Or annoying like that moment when you’ve reached 99% of loading something and then it gets interrupted. Or when you’ve been working on a project for hours and your program crashes.

And I’m vague — vague like how I never told you how I really felt 365 days ago.