An answer to unknown blogs.

Bitch, I should be sleeping now but fuck you for messing up with my thoughts again. And why, given Earth’s craziest reasons did I decide to read further?

Bullshit coming up.

  1. On the issue of the Theresian who wasn’t able to join commencement exercise. First you’d tell that when you were a senior, you made sure every move you made was not against the rules. So let me discredit your entire piece of work now: you broke a rule. An entire year, you were disregarding that rule and it would have been a major offense. Be grateful it didn’t. Second, before you speak your mind, kindly have reference because one of the basic rules of debate? You can’t argue with a wrong premise. (Not unless you’re….HAHAHAHA)
  2. On your personal life. Concede. It’d be useless not to. How real have you gotten now? You’ve been cursing your folks for gajillion of years. But okay, I wasn’t with you on your journey to metanoia. Thank goodness I wasn’t. Uh, can you point out though, where did you suddenly realized everything? Because you know, you were in full-blast denial when I pointed out to you how shitty your life is.
  3. On how you’re caught up in between. You keep on saying how it’s awkward? Well congratulations, you’ve made me feel sick. Awkward, is it? So what is more awkward than losing your closest friends and having to have to see them again? For crying out loud, it was no fault of yours nor mine. Or maybe we could blame ourselves if we wanted to. Just don’t drag me to your mess as I don’t drag you to mine. I’ve regretted that very day, honestly. That moment when I had the chance to say no? I should have grabbed it. But too bad, I didn’t catch the balloon. And now I have to either make up for unmendable things or leave it as it is: badly broken. Lucky you, you have them back. Apparently, your brains work all the same way: narrowly. You obviously have no idea what I had to go through. You don’t know how thankful I am to have at least physically escape that torture chamber I was in. You have no idea how much I loathed you and all the things related to you. Suck it, getting caught up was as bad as it was. Most likely, you didn’t know I hated every second of those times. And I thought heaven was supposed to be brought by you? Bullshit, good thing we broke up. REALLY. And it’s annoying how we never have let each other go completely, no closure, nada. Just because of our stupid pride, your stupid brain too narrow-minded to understand, and my stupid brain which can’t process everything in one go. Believe me, If I could have said every thought I have clearly, we’d only have to talk for like a day or so. That is, of course, under the assumption that you’re listening. So let me put the closure: please, please, please: disappear completely out of my life, no communication at all, no thoughts about each other anymore. This would be the last.
  4. On your hiatus which you cannot even put into a complete sentence properly. I just hope that you do think twice. Because you made all the wrong decisions — tolerating my wrong decisions, making your own wrong decisions, not taking risks when you could, being such a conformist, and every other shit I hate. I could have written an entire book why like how Min wrote Ed. I could have given you back everything just like how they did it. But no, there won’t be proper closure. And there could never be. Trust me. I hate everything, know that. And I hate how you always pretend. But maybe you only wanted to make your wrong choices end up to be right decisions. I’d give you that.