For the sake of updating:

I tried to make my summer as productive and interesting as possible so I learned new pieces in the piano but then I stopped because I wanted to read books. Apparently, those two things do not coincide not unless, maybe, you happen to be reading some piano pieces out of a book or whatnot. Anyway, so I stopped reading after the nth book and decided I want to doodle. But since it’s almost midnight, I can’t do that (given that the lights in my room are completely insane and my dad hasn’t fixed it yet). So now, I want to doodle tomorrow but it’s Easter so most likely, I’m out. And then I realized, I only have a few days left of my summer and I still plan to finish a lot of things:

  • study new piano pieces
  • finish le booklist
  • doodle at least five pages in my doodle notebook
  • paint my shirts
  • hang out with my high school friends (which was due last year, btw)
  • enroll (so this would obviously take up my time)
  • update my tumblelogs (all the accounts except for stress-ed-ball)
  • finish editing/watermarking photos I took ages ago so I could upload them to my tumblr already

I have six days left and I honestly have no idea how to finish my summer to-do list.

Ugh good lord, how am I ever going to do that. Really. :((



Anyway, since it’s almost 12AM: Happy Easter, you guys ♥