To that Theresian who wasn’t able to graduate, let’s keep this short.

I promised myself I’d blog everyday this summer break. Obviously, I didn’t keep that promise. And no, I’m not here to fulfill that but rather, to voice out an opinion.

* * *

I remember how our first meeting in fourth year Economics went: a long-haired teacher asked us why we should abide by the rules — why can’t we, for example, wear pink polka dotted uniforms and so on. He gave us a clear answer: we abide by the school rules because we enrolled in STC. It’s a contract. If you break it, you’ll be sanctioned. And he went on with the parallelism about the student handbook and the Philippine constitution.

At first, I found it absurd how this girl would not be able to graduate just because she uploaded a photo of her wearing a bikini. But then, reading online articles, I figured, it was in the handbook and well, those are the rules. You just have to follow it no matter how absurd you think it might be.

And here comes a more outrageous thing: a father would let his kid smoke and drink at the age of sixteen. Sure, I know lots of people do that but no, not because their dads told them, “hey kid, try smoking”.

I would have pitied this girl and think that STC Cebu should just let her graduate. Eleven years and with just one click of “upload”, you’re not joining graduation? That’s really really sick. But then, I remembered, it was in the handbook. If you’re planning to break rules, maybe, just maybe, you should have been more careful. Still, no. You’re graduating for crying out loud. You should have realized how a single major offense would take it all away from you. And so, even if I think that there’s nothing wrong about posting your bikini photos online (side note: I still believe that they should highlight the fact that she was drinking and smoking rather than uploading the photo) since people your age does it and you know, still graduate, I still say, sorry, you should have followed the rules. Rules are rules. HOWEVER, if it didn’t say that a student committing that offense will not be allowed to join graduation rites, she should, therefore, march.

Whatever it is those people are asking justice for, maybe they have a point, maybe they don’t. If the principal really called you “slut” and other offensive words, go on sue her for verbal abuse. But then, make sure you’re not making it up just because of what happened.