I was intending to write this in a conversational straight Tagalog but since alam kong magmumukha lang bobo yung nagsulat, never mind. Forgive the mixing of language but this would be the fastest way to write something. Haha.

I’m supposed to be studying right now. But obvious namang hindi nangyayari yun diba. It’s just so frustrating when you want things done and you try to but apparently, it never happens. I suddenly remembered how I was showing someone my to-do list and she commented with a laugh, “may tendency talaga tayong mag-aim sa alam nating hindi posible.” Minsan tuloy, naiirita lang tayo sa sarili natin.

(Okay, so I really can’t write this way. *Giving up)

So I just received this message yesterday that the event will be pushed through.

And I’d end it here for you to judge what my reaction about that really is. Haha.