Side story

This is just a side story of the previous post and well, yeah, you could always not read this. Hahhaha.

I ended the post and got the the charger (since the laptop would sleep any minute if I don’t charge it haha). I hit publish and then turned my back on the computer to charge it thinking that “Shit, I should have made sure that the internet connection’s still on or else I’m dead.” Apparently, it happened to me before that after writing a gajillion of words, just when I clicked create post, Google Chrome told me I didn’t have internet connection. And so I restarted the modem and then hit refresh. And then tada! Post got cleared. I was like, *cursewordshere* AAAARGHHHHH. And then I still rewrote the entry but with less passion than the first. And then, guess what happened next. Since the battery was removed, when our helper suddenly hit the charger when she was cleaning, the computer died. And I had to rewrite it again with much less passion than the first. Anyway. So I was telling myself a while ago that if it got deleted,  I won’t write it again. Good thing I hit back instead of refresh. :))

Okay, enough of randomness. So much for patience. :)

Here’s to a stressful weekend! Game face on.