You better shut up if you’ve got nothing good to say type of shit.

Or maybe a better title should have been, If you don’t know what you’re talking about, shut up. So forgive the thoughts of a freshman.

Revitalized General Education Program.

Ξ What are the general objectives of R.G.E.P.?
The general objectives of the R.G.E.P. are:

  1. To broaden your intellectual and cultural horizons;
  2. To foster your commitment to nationalism balanced by a sense of internationalism;
  3. To cultivate in you a capacity for independent, critical and creative thinking; and
  4. To infuse in you a passion for learning with a high sense of moral and intellectual integrity.

Ξ What are the specific objectives of R.G.E.P.?
Specific objectives are:

  1. To enable you to acquire basic skills and competencies in mathematics, reasoning and communication;
  2. To develop your awareness, understanding and appreciation of the various disciplines of the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and philosophy; and
  3. To develop your ability to integrate and/or adapt the knowledge and skills you have acquired from the various disciplines.


This is status quo, Or at least it’s what they assume.

There was a college assembly today (which apparently, not one freshie was able to attend due to an examination in Math 100). The contents were summarized — clear and concise: Instead of choosing your subjects freely, you’re now required to take this and that. And you’ll be left with a few things for your own choosing. Not that we’re sure this is going to be applied to our batch, but let’s first look at what’s happening now with all the overwhelming reactions of people.

Yes, you’ve all mentioned the cons (basing it on that summary). Is it enough basis now?

The “revitalizing” of the GEP wasn’t warmly welcomed, you know. People thought it was plain and simple idiocy. Profs think it’s such a bad idea. But okay, what the fuck are we talking about again?

A lot of people reacted negatively to this RGEP issue but what is it, really? Why, on the first place are they doing this? Is it because people are getting subjects that are uno-able? If, assuming but not conceding, UP students are reduced to that kind — people who just get subjects for the sake of getting good grades no matter if they learn something from it or not — what then is the purpose of education? In layman’s term: sinasayang lang naman pala natin pera ng bayan eh, lakas pa natin mag rally about budget cut, wala rin naman palang kwenta yung sinisigaw na “Edukasyon, edukasyon, etc” since hindi rin naman kasi talaga education yung meron tayo.

(Forgive me for mixing two languages in this entry. Shall not do it again. But for the convenience..)

So what is it that they dislike about the planned curriculum? Loss of academic freedom? Seriously, if you’re using academic freedom to get GEs that teach what, grade school Math or high school English, isn’t that more like abusive now? The RGEP was created to “cultivate critical thinking etc” and to “acquire basic skills and competencies”. Let’s look at it this way. The first one I quotes is never going to happen when the latter exists. I mean, if you want to cultivate critical thinking, good Lord, you don’t let them go through another BASIC subject. What the hell. This is why enlightenment came to UP thus they wanted to require people to get certain subjects again. And these certain subjects are things you don’t really take up in elementary or secondary school. My Philo professor last semester was ranting about how UP students are no longer required to study The Social Contract and things similar. Through enough, if I didn’t take that GE, what do I care about Jean Jacques Rousseau?

Is it actually self-fulfilling to get an uno when it’s from a subject that a 13 year old kid could understand? So, are you actually reducing UP students to people who study and not care what it’s about and that it’s just plus points if you understand something  to get high marks? So why should we still brag about being able to pass UPCAT when the only thing we study when we get into UP are the easiest subjects because you’re sure not to fail them.

(To be fair, mas okay pang kumuha ka ng uno-able profs kasi usually, sila may naituturo. Kesa naman kumuha ka ng uno-able GE na wala namang kwenta at wala ka ring bagong natutunan.)

Dear, I accuse you of hasty generalization. And I advise you to take Philo 10 or 11 or at least Eng 10 for you to learn your fallacies. And for you to have a sense of what education really is.

Hasty generalization is a sin. You should know that by now.

Minsan, ang tao, palpak magrason eh. Minsan, parang ako lang. Sadyang malabo.