Google a word for…

I was trying to write a short essay (which by the way, is actually too difficult to write because you already know that it’s short and that you’ll just procrastinate) for a History class when this annoying retarded (what else?) person besides me spoke.

I would have described him in thousands of derogatory words for him but I guess the word “jerk” would sum it all. (Or not.) So, because I was so annoyed and wanted to find this word that would describe him, I turned it to thy trusty Google… who failed me. (or maybe it was because I was too lazy to browse or perhaps, I did not key in the right words?) I was looking for a word close enough to asshole. Loljk. I was looking for a word for someone who keeps talking about trying to look smart but ends up annoying someone like me because he doesn’t make sense at all. Plus, he’s using all these terms wrong. And he doesn’t have a clue. Saaaad. Not. More like annoying, (And I guess you could pick that up from my tone now, eh?)

So here’s a word for you before I start another flood of rants: (and I’ve had enough of Philo to know what this term is. But since you think I’m fooling around, here you go — since you trust the web more that your little sister)



  1. Pursuit of or devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses.
  2. Philosophy. The ethical doctrine holding that only what is pleasant or has pleasant consequences is intrinsically good.
  3. Psychology. The doctrine holding that behavior is motivated by the desire for pleasure and the avoidance of pain.

Or if you want a more detailed explanation of what hedonism is, try consulting the Stanford Encyclopedia. ( If you’re actually taking Philo 10, this is helpful. HAHA.


You know how students (been guilty of this, okay) would give this very *insert-a-milder-word-for-lousy-here* argument how grades have nothing to do with personality? Let’s assume, because of my extreme annoyance, that I have come to realize that it actually does. You see, what does it make of you if you don’t do your homework or you don’t study or pay attention to your instructor thus causing you to fail? Was it something like IRRESPONSIBLE? Or if you keep wasting your time going to school and not learning anything because you’d rather play dota (or whatever it is) than study? And you know that your tuition is actually twice as much as that of your previous school (or to make this comparison worse, eight times as much as mine HAHAHA) and you’ve wasted one year already because you’ve been such a failure (harsh person right here)? *Insert-litany-of-insults*

Yes, you’re such an inconsiderate insensitive failing asshole, that’s what you are.

So don’t you blame me if I prefer you didn’t live in the same place as I do. Because economically speaking, we’d be better off without you.

If your arguments made sense, I would have partially conceded to your defense.

Yes, I dislike you. Pretty much, yes.