No, this isn’t just about me not being able to write for some time. This is about me living under a rock for almost a year now.

I was the type of person who, whenever I go online, the first thing I’d do would be open TheEconomist.com or perhaps watch CNN or BBC. I was “socially-aware” as my sister puts it. I used to read a lot on what’s happening in this Mexico, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, or whichever country I may think of. I used to spend time researching about what’s the use of IAEA, what’s with cap-and-trade, what’s happening with the G20 (forgive me if it’s not G20 now haha), etc. I used to analyze and think and make a stand.

But what happened? I went to college and due to my schedule, I get home at around 7:45. During that time, I’d be really tired and would just have enough time for my schoolwork and social life. (It’s less than enough actually.) I stopped watching news, buying Time, Newsweek, or The Economist. I stopped looking up for relevant issues in guardian.co.uk or some other website I used to memorize. To put it simply, I stopped caring about the outside world. International relations didn’t bother me anymore. I haven’t heard what’s going on in the Philippines if I haven’t seen all these posters in the University. It’s such a sad thing to be part of the State U when I have no idea what’s going on. But this thought didn’t disturb me as much as it did before. Why? Because people around me rarely cared what’s happening with this and that. Like everyone else, I’ve been focused on “things that concern me” id est, schoolwork and things related.

Come to think of it, getting out of debate made me ignorant of current events. My sister (who was reviewing for LAE that time) asked me what current events I know. I used to be the person who would inform you what’s happening in some place you would most likely not care about. I USED TO. Not anymore. I stopped thinking about these issues. Sometimes, such thoughts pass by my brain but it’s not something I entertain anymore. What happened to the socially-aware person that I was? I have no idea. I no longer give 15 minutes of my time to think about certain things or maybe talk about a certain issue for seven minutes or so.

Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.

Is it convenient not knowing? Or maybe it’s just more convenient for me not thinking and spening so much time on such things? I must admit, I miss having intellectual conversations. Sure, I get such with my friends but it’s not about what would happen to Corona’s trial or on the rise of capitalism. The most relevant issue we might have talked about would be privacy and piracy acts since it’s most “relevant”.

But what is relevance? If I don’t feel direct effect of an occurrence, would that make it irrelevant? No, not really. Sometimes, we overlook at these things that affect the nation greatly. We might ask ourselves why some things which greatly affects a nation is hardly felt by individuals. I think, and yes, this is just my opinion, that things which are supposedly relevant will only be considered legitly relevant by an average person (meaning someone who gives a damn about social issues) when they become immensely impactful. Meaning, some of us — no MOST OF US, wait for the tumor to be metastatic when it was just benign.

Forgive the thougts. I stopped thinking about relevance a year ago. Plus, I got tired with all my life’s personal drama. So there you go.

And go to economist.com for a change.