NOTE: This is my stupid attempt of trying to let go of all the thoughts I have in order to really continue with me writing my art stud paper (which, thanks to procrastination, has not yet even reached 1/4 of its required length).

Apparently, my last entry was also about my undying paper. Haha. Anyway.

I went online (supposedly to check for any updates which are school related) but ended up on twitter. And there was this tweet that made me laugh. Something about when you still hate your ex, you still love the person.

Frankly, I would have laughed at it and, well moved on with life. But clearly, the fact that I’m still writing about it (well, okay, added factor that my friend retweeted it) means that it’s not something I can just let go of without having my opinions.

I’ve been talking with err someone for the past days and well, as usual, it ended as it ended eight (?) months ago. (That is, with all the fighting, bullshits, and you know, the usual fuckery.) So I was thinking, “maybe this was the reason why it didn’t work out back then” and sadly (not), until now, it’s something we can’t fix. Fight till you die, something like that. HAHA.

So about the tweet. I was thinking, is it that you still love the person, or that you’re just too proud? I mean, (this is purely hypothetical) let’s say you’re just too proud to show that you’re unhappy or whatever it is. — Okay, so I lost myself, Because, as I was letting my thoughts flow, I thought that if you’re unhappy, you still can’t let go completely. Or something like that.

Maybe, just maybe. I should just deal with life as it is and stop overthinking, hence procrastinating writing such lengthy papers. And not to mention a group report (and ugh I still haven’t communicated with my groupmates, dammit)

This post shall end here and I should now write my paper.(Creating the possibility that I’ll be finished with this in a few hours)


No time to edit. ALKSJHDFLKASD