29 December 2011 10:32 PM

I lost internet connection for some reason. So this is a late post. But still, an entry is an entry, isn’t it?

* * *

I was staying up late, reading about Art (and encountered this word, yeah) while my parents were watching news. That was before my dad changed the channel to some food trip thingo. But anyway. Here’s how the story goes: my mom took up journalism back in college. While we were watching news about some family who “would meet new year after a tragedy” and continuing the report with some shiznit on hopelessness, my dad then, as sarcastic as possible, said “Ganyan na ba talaga yung news casting ngayon? Lahat may comment sila.” and my mom told him how even in *insert-international-news-network-here*, they add their own opinions and interpretations of what happened.

Very much like how people in this world tell things to another.

Sure, it’s actually very nice of people voicing out their opinions especially on “matters of consequence” but when you’re supposed to be objective, there goes the problem. But when are we supposed to be objective on the first place?

I was thinking, well, over-analyzing actually, why was there such thing as subjectivity and objectivity. Was it merely for expression or it just become necessary because of how people are?

So we were having dinner when my sister asked about tomorrow’s plans. Then my brother went on saying how my sister’s getting annoyed with my dad. And my brother, ladies and gentlemen, is the epitome of what I’ve been talking about. KIDDING.

The point? Because interpretations are always present. Oh wait, I’d take that back. We human beings just find it inevitable to not make things mean what sometimes, they really aren’t. Inevitable, yes. But it’s possible to be able to shun your negative interpretations. How else could you live a happy life, right?

Imagine seeing, for example, the guy you really like with this girl who may or may not like that guy.

And here goes the number of conclusions made in a blink of an eye:

  • The other’s flirting with another.
  • They’re together.
  • You’ve got no more chance.
  • That girl’s a freaking *insert-multiple-synonyms-for-a-slut-here*.
  • You’re doomed,
  • Life’s so unfair.
  • *insert-judgments-here-on-the-two-of-them*

And the list goes on and on, But I assume, you get the point. WHAT IF, they aren’t flirting with each other? What if they aren’t together? What if, you still have a chance? And so on, and so forth. There are endless possibilities for this scenario. Would you let an interpretation put you down?

* * *

Pardon me for the lack of presence for the past weeks. (Or was it months?) I was terribly busy with school that I had no time to let my mind wander on things people refuse to speak of and deny of entry in their brains. Actually, I’m still busy now but I was talking about blogging with someone a while ago and that got me thinking how dusty this blog is already. Nothing interesting still happened. Well, nothing out of the extraordinary, I guess. Or maybe there is. But it’s something I refuse to think about like all else.

Just a random thought before I end this entry: it’s not that I stopped posting my thoughts, it’s that I haven’t found time to post the things I wrote already here. Yes, Microsoft One Note has its benefits. ;)

So there you go! An entry during my most busy day. HAHA.

Enjoy the holidays! :)