Running Rackets: Part n of infinity

I’m halfway done with my Art Stud paper. But to say that I’ll be done writing it by tonight is more of a wish than a statement. And yes, I was caught up with my ideas again that distracted me from writing that hell of a lengthy paper. What a way to spend my last day of 2011.

Apparently, my annoyance doesn’t end their. Here comes some ruddy person whining. I mean what the fuck. Why can’t you just keep your sentiments to yourself or if you really can’t, why don’t you just find a damn good time to approach me. Argh. Nice timing there, eh? And then when no one gives you their attention, you really don’t have to annoy each and every person you see.

* * *

So. There. Sometimes, (understatement right there) I really have a problem with my temper. That’s why I have to let this go. Okay, so here comes the mantra: let go of your rackets, dear. Let it go.

As usual, I don’t expect you to understand my rant. They’re pretty unncessary, really. HAHAHA.

* * *

Such a bad way to end the year. Err. Still, hope you have a happy new year!

Adios, 2011.

(And I was thinking that there could be a more ideal post, i.e. reminiscing 2011, rather than ranting. But well, sometimes, one soul’s too queer and deems ranting to be extremely necessary to get her focus back.)