This would be my 22nd entry. Funny cause I created this blog last September. I would have expected myself to write at least 30 blogs since then. But 21? Wow. I guess given my situation, that’s supposed to be fine.

But still no.

It’s just surprising that I intended to maintain this blog. Well, sure I am maintaining it by blogging monthly. But hey, I barely wrote last November. Oh for crying out loud. I never lost as much integrity with my words as much as I have.

Okay, so you might not have understood the integrity part. See, it’s more…endearing, or I guess empowering is the right term, when a person has integrity with his or her word. It’s making human beings more workable. Yes, workable. That’s it.

Anyway, since that part’s as vague as it’s gonna get, let me share some other thoughts.

First, as usual, I’m procrastinating. I’m not yet through with my reaction papers nor with my outline for some group report. I haven’t read my extremely thick readings for Art Stud, nor have I at the very least scanned my Math and Stat notes. I can already sense a very hectic week ahead.

Second is, I read my friend’s essay about the voices she uses in writing. I was left wondering on how I write. If I’d write this entry the typical way — typical in the sense that it’s me speaking the way I really do, it would be like this:

I’ve always talked informally. Informally like all the Taglish words and shiz. Not to mention putting all the names. I mean, yeah, I know how vague my entries get. And that’s just ’cause uh, maybe the word conscious would suffice. :)) I mean, I’ve always thought blogs were some stuff no one really reads. Not unless you’re some obsessed stalker-ish weirdo, haha. But well, I guess it’s not always the case. Or maybe, I just didn’t give much credit to the people who read my previous blog accounts. OR maybe because my previous blog has a pass word. Mehehe. Of course! How silly of me. No one could read those stuff not unless he or she knows my password. Hihi. I guess, that was too much of me trying to keep my thougts alive yet private. But meh, what’s the use. I mean all the having password shiz was seemingly a brilliant idea — brilliant if you want nothing to happen, that is.

Yes, that’s how I would have said that. Or maybe, even shorter. With lots of unnecessary symbols. It seems. however, as if I never got to the point. Simple explanation: I can never ever fully express my thoughts knowing that someone reads these stuff I post. Screw self-expression. I never had my complete turn for that.

Anyway, I have to finish my paper on how misogynistic Watson, Crick, and Wilkins were. Wait, that wasn’t supposed to be a paper on feminism. But argh. How else do I express my extremely incoherent thoughts?