Ellipses always contained words we could have said but we rather not. And sometimes, silence do speak louder than words.

You can get nothing from the rest of this entry unless you’re some crazy person like me, haha. All you need is that first line. (Forgive my mind, but it was being, again, a midnight vagabond.)

I wasn’t able to write for quite a time. Semestral break’s almost done but I haven’t done anything to make it so memorable. I guess, I don’t need to. It was the first, and that was enough. ALSJKHFALSDFHKAL SEMBREAK’S ABOUT TO END. Ugh. I would have been really thrilled to go back to school but I realized I’m trying to kill myself with all the things I took up. Okay, I know I’m being pessimistic and this won’t help at all. But for the sake of blogging, let’s just elaborate why on earth I said that. I’m taking 19 units this semester…and according to the curriculum, a freshman on his/her second semester takes only 16 units. Sure,a lot of freshies took in advance some subjects but they only have 17 units. I now have to deal with Stat 101, Eng 10, Kas 1, MBB 1, Art Stud 1, and Math 100. I know they aren’t the best subjects to be taken together but ugh. I have to deal with it. Not to mention I’d be involving myself with pub this semester. It dawned on me how difficult this coming semester is. But just lately. Yet again, fight lang.

I’ve posted an entry a few days ago… My bad, I wasn’t able to post it. (Unnecessary side story: I was writing this really long entry when all of a sudden [which is actually usual btw], I saw blood. I tasted blood. I felt blood. Yes, super disgusting, it is. My nose was bleeding again and I had to stop writing and go to the washroom. [It was supposed to be go get some ice since that’s what the doctor told me to do but well, no ice.] I was feeling more comfortable and so I finished my entry. I clicked “Publish” and voila! Internet connection crashed. I knew clicking the refresh button was useless but I still tried…only to realize I’m really right. So I was already annoyed and decided to sleep instead. I mean, it’s not as if I can rewrite it the way it was when I first wrote it. So meh. Bye, forgotten entry.)

No means no. And that’s pretty much it. No doesn’t imply rejection. It was what you were asking I was saying “no” to, not to your being or something. So don’t feel bad about it. No isn’t permanent anyway, is it?

I was online last night (I think) and reading the tweets for the past minutes. My friend was posting #10ThingsIFindAttractive and I realized we got somethings similar. Haha. (No, I won’t do the enumerating but I’d just give out some.) For some reasons I can’t comprehend, I usually find Chinese/ Chinese-looking people attractive. I have no idea why. They just…capture my attention. Aside from that, I’ve always thought being athletic’s cool. (But ugh, make sure you have brains please). Guys, or even girls, who play soccer amazes me. I guess it’s just my bias with the sport but mehehe, they’re so awesome, right? (No need to agree, I assure you.) The first things I notice in a guy is if he’s a gentleman and if he speaks well. (Yes, this was because I hate people who have such bad voice. Credit debate for this, haha). So yes, people who can sing (and who can play the piano and/or guitar) makes me go “HANDS DOWN WOAH”. Same as people who dance. And people who dress well — not just physical clothing but also how one carries him/herself. It’s a matter of confidence and angst. And oh, I’d shut up as long as you have really good values and such a brain. (As you can see, this is general for both boys and girls I meet. Not necessarily like. Because I swear, I have standards way too high). Err I forgot. You need to know how to keep a conversation going. Or else, that’d leave us at “hi-hello”.

This is another wordspill and so forgive the lack of proofreading. Haha. Shall do that when I’m no longer… Oh never mind, it’s better not to commit myself to anything. HAHA!

I still have lots of thoughts in my head but I want to rest now since I feel like I’m gonna get fever. (I was walking in the rain a while ago since I was too lazy to get my umbrella. HAHA). Gute nacht!

Signing off. :)