Make a Stand

One night, my sister just told me this random story. I must admit I wasn’t fully listening to her. She was telling me how her friend was ambushed in the CR by certain masked guys. He ended up with a large gash on his head, fractured arms, tons of bruises and open wounds. They were sure (yet they have no means to confirm) that this was done by this certain fraternity.

Minutes ago, I opened my facebook and saw a statement made by this certain organization. Apparently, our college chair’s just “recovering from a minor injury and a head stitch”. Yes, this was frat-related violence.


I reckon, yes. Our chaiperson’s frat was the one who ambushed my sister’s friend. Sadly, he, unlike our chair, did not receive “a minor injury”. True enough, it was my sister’s friend’s frat who did that to our chair. I would have been sympathetic about this incident, but to whom do I give my sympathies? To my sister’s friend who can no longer graduate on time because he wasn’t able to take his finals since he’s in the hospital? To our chair person who was attacked at his own home? I could give my sympathies to these individuals, but since I can no longer identify who started it, who am I to speak?

End it. It’s the only solution.