I ended up grabbing my sister’s laptop and writing this. :))

I should be affected negatively and shit but apparently I’m not. I’m more of being flattered by finding out you still care. Just when I was about to completely delete you in my world. How playful the customs could be. Cheers! Welcome back. :)


I grabbed my phone and checked my inbox. To my surprise, some name I haven’t seen in a while appeared. The message? It’s not something a normal person would be happy about, but well, conceding I’m not your average reasonable person, I’m sort of enjoying whatever I made that message mean. My little inside joke that keeps me smiling till now. :)

Anyway. That, technically, just made my night better. Better since I was so happy already when I received our Math prof’s e-mail about rounding off our raw percentages to the nearest tenths. So I no longer have to be frustrated with the fact that my grade was supposedly 0.25 higher by 0.43%.

It’s 12:02 AM. Have to sleep. Long day ahead!

Hi, Miriam College. I’d see you in a while. :)