Happy Thoughts

I just remembered random conversations that I had with my friends. Just to break the serious tone of the entries. :))

During Friday Night Lights, Alex was teasing me with ___…

Reg: By the way, Chiara, who told that douche ba about your story?

Me: Uhm… You?

Reg: ME?!? For real?

AK: Uhm, Reg. You told Alex during Renegade. =)))


During Friday Night Lights again. Carmel borrowed my phone to text her dad.

Me: Carmel, mahirap ba magtext using my phone

Carmel: Hindi, okay lang.

Me: Sure ka ah? Kanina ka pa diyan nagtetext, mukhang di mo pa nasesend.

Carmel: Grabe, mas madali pa yung Math 17 exam. :)))