Wordspill 11: (a)musing


Okay, I had to say that because the more I tell myself I’m not, the more I become. Anyway.

School took up my time for the most of it. (And yes, that’s the way it should be.) I’ve been focusing too much on acads (and I’m hoping this too much is actually sufficient for me) that’s why I haven’t been able to talk as much as I did before to my friends. And well, I assumed they were also busy since it’s hell weeks already.

At this moment, my head’s spinning and I know I should sleep, but well, give me a few more hours. I’d eat after I finish this thingo and then sleep. (Yay for sleep!)

So. I got to talk to my good friend about four hours ago since I wanted to have ideas on what GEs to take for the coming semester. Somewhere within the conversation, she told me how she’s getting over this person the more she hangs out with her. I replied with some realization I had and we concluded with a laugh that it was supposed to be a universal law.

It goes something like this:

More often than not (always actually), we tend to “fall out” or lose our feelings for someone we like before we know them personally. And it also works the other way around. We tend to have deeper feelings for someone whom we realize we like after we know them. (I found that very unclear yet, I’m hoping you get the idea.)

It IS generally true, I assume. It’s maybe because of the fact that the first is more of an infatuation and the latter’s more of, well, love. You can’t have true feelings for someone you don’t completely know, right? So technically, you like him/her because of the things you thought s/he was. And when you get to know more about that person, you kinda ‘fall out’ since it wasn’t the same picture as that of what was in your head. On the other hand, people sort of realize that they like this some person they have known for quite a time. Maybe (yes, again, this is just a thought) people recognize the good qualities of someone which makes them fall for the person.

Again, you are not obliged to agree with me. It’s just a thought.

On a more I-would-have-said-serious-but-it-doesn’t-fit-much tone…

I was thinking about this thing I’m writing and my take-home exam in Philo at the same time that’s why I came up with this. Hahaha. (Sorry, I can’t help but worry about Philo shiz) I realized how true it is to say that we can never really see things independent of our prior experiences. It’s already instinctive. It’s natural. We do that without any intention.

If you want it more specific, yes, that thing up there, and those archives, they all have a context. You just have to recognize where I’m coming from. :)