I haven’t had proper sleep for like 132641980682 days so forgive my tomfoolery. (As I’m assuming it already. Haha.)

Moral ascendancy. People should grasp the idea. If you’d ask why, I’d tell you it’s just for credibility’s sake. Like you can’t tell people how fucked up they’re living their life when you yourself are doing the same thing — you just don’t have the ascendancy to say that. Similarly, I find it utterly nonsensical for someone to get mad at another when in fact, the first one’s being completely narrow-minded, and second, this reason: “dude, it’s pure bullshit. You’re not even together and s/he’s getting mad at you. Why? S/He’s expecting to much?” To be fair, I would have answered my friend who told me that in a conversation we were having. But since it was already 4am in my watch, and she’s in States and we rarely talk, I opted not to. Let’s see however, why I somehow disagree. Basic argument: anyone can get mad at another. Yet you should know that always, the upset comes from you. You were the one who expected, who had intentions unfulfilled, who had words undelivered. So if you’re upset, and someone tries to explain to you why things are so and so, LISTEN for God’s sake. It’s not as if you always have to be proud and shit that simple listening won’t work for you. So yes, the upset (note that upset here may mean frustration and what have you) comes from you. And if someone’s trying to explain, you don’t shut them because it’s completely illogical for you to do that. Not that I should care or anything though. But the thing is, at first you were all feeling crappy that it happened and when someone’s giving you an explanation, you’d shut her down. So I’m lost. Can you explain to me what was the point of you doing that? Because if you want to be okay, you don’t do that stupid action. Haha.

I could have written a 5000 word essay for this thing but I think it’s a waste of time.

You’re drunk and I don’t wanna talk to you.Ugggggggh.