Politics. Why I’m having second thoughts.

I hope you enjoy losing your friends one by one. HAHAHAHA.

So I went online, and yet again, found this tweet on my feeds. (“again” since three people have said that before, referring to that same person. Haha.) And still, even if you’re trying to mess up with my life and tell me how wrong things are and not lower your pride since you know I’m right, I still can’t help but care.

You used to be my confidante. You know almost everything about my life. We talked for hours even when I had exams the following day, even if it means I’d sacrifice my sleep. All for the sake because I thought you were some special person. I thought wrong. But to be fair, you really were a great friend. And I’d be lying if I tell that I didn’t enjoy your company. Not until I learned how fake you were. But that’s another story.

The only times I feel utmost regret is when I know that that person I’m losing is someone who was better than that but then, due to some complete misunderstanding, cannot change his/her point of view. But never mind that. Most of the times, I’m right when I say someone’s “not worth it”.

My friend always asked me why I ended up despising this person. Well, I told her, for one, I don’t loathe, just act indifferent. Second is, it’s just that I find him out of my standards. Even for just a friend. He was too fake, such a liar, and tried to project as if he really was that great.

My friends already warned me not to believe everything relating to him. I found it unfair on his side at first only to realize they were right. Up to now, I’m still amazed by how you made yourself all high and shit because honestly, there was too much politics in this event. Oops. Every event actually. And that’s kinda one unfair reason why I lost passion in debating. Hahaha. Nevertheless, it was still unfair. And not everything’s fair in love and war, contrary to what you believe I guess.

I still stand with what I said. I’m thankful you left. (Not that thankful now because you came back though haha) Maybe you really were a great thinker and all but sometimes, try to be in place when you criticize. I know we always have a say on politics especially that of which we can reach. Still, it would have been better to shut up about the matters concerning the Central Board when you know your best friend’s running for a position there. And then there you are acting as if you know everything regarding politics in the university and that you don’t mind losing your friend if she was that narrow-minded. For God’s sake, midget, ETHICS. Just imagine if your best friends asked their respective teams to abstain when you were running for Secretary General in the council. How would you feel? How would you feel if I tell your coach right then and there that you’re not worthy of being team captain and let GH dissolve the team instead of have you as captain. It’s unfair on her part. And you expect her not to get hurt when you said that. How would that be even possible?

I was at first okay with you. And not with your friend. But come to think of it, you guys are no different.

* * *