I told you I need focus.

It’s just a shame how everything was just a misunderstanding. I’m left wondering, however — why, despite all the assumptions we had, despite the fact that you yourself didn’t know or completely understand what was going on, how come you never raised your views? How come, instead of correcting us, you left it as it is? How come you did nothing and let the occurrences prove me right?

I really respect you. Yet, I can’t accept the fact that you let things be the way they are. Are these things of too little value for you to mind? I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND. No one wants to explain. Not as if anyone could.

I’d stop making all my interpretations and wait for an explanation. I’d stop trying to concise everything. It was my fault. I didn’t have enough courage to approach you when on the first place, my plan was to act chill and approach you with a very casual tone. However, I wasn’t able to do that. I was too scared. Always too apprehensive. Always wanting for assurance that I would get good responses. I forgot to set aside my “looking-good” and “being-right” self. And I acknowledge that.

I still have a billion of thoughts in my head. However, it’s 11 minutes past my deadline so, I shall go back to memorizing the constitution and shut down this laptop for my focusness’ sake.

Before everthing else though, let me just raise this point:

I’m okay with you. But your “friend”? What happened? If he wasn’t guilty of anything, how come he never replied to us? How come he acted as if he didn’t notice the messages? How come? EXPLAIN. Because without these things clarified, we are left with our judgments.

On second thought, however, I should give up my rackets and stop my strong suits. It’s just a matter of completion. Monday, I’ll be prepared for you!