I’m done with you.

Tonight, I’ll spend my time trying to formulate theories regarding his way of being and then tell you why I invalidated his plausible reasons. Apparently, of all ways of being available, he chose to conform to *drum rolls here* being an asshole.

Theory 1: He guessed/ found out about it and he decided to avoid me. Well, that would have been a quite common move. Yes, it’s what idiots do so I guess, you’re idiocy now validates it, right? STILL NO. Why? Let’s put it at this: if you’d be able to give me one reason I can’t rebut on why liking someone would make you avoid the person, I’d shut up. See here, it’s way stupid to do that. It’s not as if you’re obliged to like the person back. If you’re trying to “save” this person from getting hurt, you’re just, to be frank, being super self-centered. Not to mention being egoistic at a point. Lemme tell why. First is, I’m not that stupid enough to HOPE for things. It’s not as if you are — or more apt, were, everything in my world. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but you’re assuming things when in fact, you’ve always told me not to. It wasn’t as if I like you that much. COME ON. Don’t be a douche and think my world revolves around you. Snap out of it, asshole.

Theory 2: Some fucking faggot (assuming AND conceding) tried to mess up with what’s happening. Well, there it goes. The most annoying thing that could happen. He believed him because maybe he was credible enough (not to mention they were both stupid enough to tell and believe.) This theory came to existence because I tried to approach him, and similar to his friend, he evaded. Proved me right they were both jerks.

Lesson learned? Not to waste my time on them. I have had enough experiences of people I get attracted to who would, after some time, leave without any explanation and become this major asshole. And after some time, a girl would just call me a slut for stealing her guy I no longer like (for some reasons for her hallucination). And after some time, this guy would notice me again and pretend as if nothing happened. Yes, I’ve been through life’s bullshit too many times to count. Just like how I used the word “asshole” in this blog way too many times.