I just didn’t expect that. Stop proving me right.

I was surprised that importing my tumblr to posterous was actually successful. COOL. Nevertheless, there are much more important things in my life that I can’t get out of my head. (No, I should stop referring to it as something of great importance. It shouldn’t be.)

Yesterday, I planned to go home early so as to study for my fourth long exam in Math 17 (which didn’t turn out so well because of some god-damned reason.) Thing is, as usual, it never happened. My friend asked me to stay for a little longer and accompany him. To cut the story short, I stayed until almost 8:00 PM or so. They (with his parents) brought me home and got there at around, err 9, I think? Anyway, so we were having our usual conversation about life and all the bullshit there is. The conversation suddenly went to this person acting differently. Sad cause he has always been perky and eager to talk to. But for some reasons, this was no longer the case. Or so I believe.

My friend then borrowed my phone, asking permission to read my messages. I allowed him since it was no big deal for me. He asked again for my permission to text this person but he’d show the message to me before he’d send it. Apparently, there was a misunderstanding since I didn’t want that message to be sent that’s why I gave him back my phone — for him to change it. Message sent. Unchanged.

At first I told myself it doesn’t matter since he never really replied to such messages. Well, again, I thought wrong. And to my frustration, I don’t know, and never learned, how to handle a conversation which I didn’t even start. Yet, it was already there and I just have to deal with it. So I told him what we thought, which was him, being distant. (Not that he’s the only individual these days who has been doing that, but still, excuses are only valid when presented.)

And now, I found our assumption right against my will. It was something I didn’t like. Yet, it’s something I can’t fix.