Square One

Back. Again.

This is another first among many accounts so………..

I’d scrap off all introductions as to who I am since I firmly believe that describing oneself could be, first of all, biased and untrue (as no one could be conscious of his or her own consciousness not unless you relate it with some other objects – in short, you can never be fully objective), and second, I believe I don’t have enough words to try to describe myself. And well, to top it all, the best judge as to who I am would not be me but you since it’s your opinions that matter to you.

I was just checking how to edit my theme and I clicked the “Spaces” tab and saw that there’s public and private and I went on saying “Cool!”. As I’ve given out in the pathetic introduction of this post, you must now have an idea that I have had way too many accounts. Some, I deleted because of mistaken thoughts, others, I left unmanaged. The other most active two blogs I used were both accounts from Tumblr, one of which has a password in order to read all the rants. I’ve always been apprehensive that someone might end up searching my name in Google and see my blogs and be able to identify who are those people I tried to mask. That’s the main reason why I kept one blog public, and the other private. I made the public blog in the hope of enlightening whoever wished to read those blogs. But finally, this evening, I got the courage to switch my Tumblr accounts and move all the blogs hidden and unhidden in this posterous account. It’s just that, I’m not sure how much of a success I was able to do it. Nevertheless, it is my belief that, if ever I die, at least, I’ve left one imprint I’ve been authentic at here on Earth. Maybe not a permanent one (as I really have no idea how permanent blogs are) but at least, someone, even if I won’t know who you are, read these things which cost me sleep, academics, and time to write.

I’ve always wished I could write blogs as entertaining as I found those other blogs I’ve read. But then, it has also dawned on me, “Who would read some blog a seventeen-year old person wrote without even the intention of publicizing its link?” And it would be most heart-warming to know that at least one person cared enough to read my rants, my stories, my efforts to narrate my oh-so-boring-life.

I’m probably the most sabaw person you’d meet. HAHAHAHHA.